Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two weeks of work..

So, two weeks of being an official raid-guild will be here on 6/12/08. Overall, I'd like to say that I think that things have gone extremely well. There are a few bumps and bruises, but it is all a part of trying to set up a guild. One thing I've learned well as a GM of a guild, is that you cannot keep everyone happy, including yourself. Yes, you are the GM, and yes you have all the power, but the folks in your guild are those that empower you. So in essence, as a GM you are there to fascilitate their needs as much as you can on a raiding basis, and you will have to make a compromise or two.

The tricky part about being a GM is you have to be a good example. We have a group of players in our guild that throw kara runs together on a regular basis, and they all have alts that they bring. That's fine by me, but when it's a group of nine, and half their alts are in other guilds, it starts to look really bad. It gives off the impression that those involved are unwilling to run with anyone else in the guild, thus creating a "Boy's Club." Yeah I know we don't want to run with everyone all the time, but it certainly helps bring the guild together if more people get included.

As a GM I have taken it upon myself to set the example. I put together a weekly kara run for those that are trying to achieve raid status, and that need to get more gear and practice. I advertise it throughout the week and end up running it on a Saturday. Unfortunately, though I usually end up picking up all the people that got left out, and if I ever have to ask someone to step out, I feel extra bad. Sometimes these runs can be painful if we can't bring in any of our overpowered people.

So why would I put myself through this? Yeah, I don't need anything from Kara, and yeah, I don't even need any badge loot, but it sets a precedent within my guild that I think needs to be resonated througout - that everyone should be included. As a side bonus I also get to run with as many people as possible, and it helps me to get a feel for how they are as raiders, and as people, so I can more effectively be in a position to help them out, or bring them along as necessary.

Recruiting is always an interesting topic for me. I spend a lot of time on other guilds' websites looking into the recruiting process (or at least applications). I do this so I can get a better grasp of how I can go about this process. I am not in charge of recruiting, but I am the backup when our recruiting officer is unavailable (which he thankfully hasn't been yet..WHEW). I also have found that I actually really enjoy going through other guilds' applicants, if for no other reason than to try to get to know these players through their applications. I am not sure if this helps me at all, but I like it a lot. ChickGM has three really good posts on this process so far (applications, good bad and ugly of apps, interviewing -- post app). At any rate.. What is the point here? I guess my point is that when you come up with an application process, make sure everyone has to go through it, even 'shoe-ins' that you know will make it. It's all about fairness, and showing everyone that even you cannot subvert the rules.

There are a few other things I'd like to talk about, but this blog is already getting too long..
I will wrap up with a quick update to my travels, as well as the new guild's.

I have spec'd back to Elemental.. Enhancement was fun while it lasted, but Elemental is just so much better a spec for me. Incursion has downed Gruul twice, and got Magtheridon on its first shot. We already had many experienced in those instances though, so its not a huge accomplishment, but its pretty cool that on the first day of week 3 as a guild, we will be downing The Lurker Below, and maybe trying another boss or two in SSC.

Thanks for reading!!