Friday, August 15, 2008

What I have been up to..

Well, dang,

I haven't blogged for a while. Life has been busy, and I have actually authored a couple of posts that haven't quite reached publishing.

Here is what they are about... I may never post them, but they are there in case I want to.

One is about me fighting burnout, and a breakdown of my two weeks of tracking my time used in conjunction with wow.

One is about me battling Vista and intermittant lag spikes (which I bested, hooray me!)

One is about whether or not I should gkick the guy that talks to himself endlessly in gchat, and constantly begs for instance runs, while everyone else is silently annoyed.

All of them, I guess I haven't had the motivation to write, so I am going to put this out here. I will continue to write, I am just facing some writer's block (22 blocked) ahahahha.

At any rate, I thought I would throw this up, and list some of my goals before WotLK comes out.

- Level Tigraine (Tankadin) to 70
- Level Davidlopan (warlock) to at least 35-40
- successfully help lead my guild at least halfway into T6 content.

Not many there...and the only one that will be REALLY hard will be the first one. I hate questing. I hate it with the burning passions of a thousand stars. Well..ok, I don't hate it that much, but I really don't like it. I figure with a tank, I can live in instances.

Lopan I am going to be reading and revelling in the lore.. I hate questing when I am trying to level up, but I am finding the side of the quests that was meant to be enjoyed, and reading them all completely, and following the ones I like the most.

Leading the guild halfway through T6... It might prove pretty difficult too. An update.. We got started VERY late as a progression guild, but we have managed to get to 4/6 in SSC and 3/4 in TK and we are attempting Kael on Monday. We will beat on him for a couple more weeks, and whether we get him or not, its on to MH and BT. With WotLK looming over our heads at this point, gear no longer matters... Everyone we have is geared like mad, and we have clobbered everything we try. We are more interested in seeing content at this point.

Fighting Kael will be Epic.. Going back in time and doing MH will be epic.. Setting foot in BT for the first time will be epic.

Way back when we were conceiving this guild in our minds, I didn't have the slightest idea we would get this far this fast.. When a rogue of ours expressed that he was really excited to see BT and MH, I silently scoffed to myself about the unlikeliness of that, and that we would do the best we could, and probably get stuck in TK, and call it quits.... But now... within weeks, we will be a T6 guild! Its really a testament to how awesome our Raiders are, and how much hard work they put in!

Good work!

[1 - Exiting the Requiem Channel]